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You Are Worth It… Step Up

September 21st, 2017 by Audrey Weidman

You are worth it

The one year anniversary of my heart attack is coming up and I want it to matter.

I am that unexpected example of someone who looks fine, but had heart disease anyway.  You know, the slender person that you never thought would get a heart attack but actually had something going on inside.

Taking Action

I am truly grateful that my heart attack has inspired people to take their health seriously.  Because I shared my story, I have had friends and acquaintances come up to me and say they went to see their doctor when they suspected something was amiss – maybe they had a chest pain or shortness of breath, but they went…

I’m so very happy that friends who have been touched by heart disease have reached out to me – whether it is when they are going in for a stent or a bypass or getting blood test results back that show elevated cholesterol levels.  This validates my efforts to educate people on heart disease.

Many women blow off their own health.  But if it were her husband… she’d be on him until he saw a doctor.  I was guilty of this.

Here’s a not so big secret – heart disease is the number one killer of BOTH women and men.

So ladies, step up and take care of yourself as well!

I Want My Heart Attack To Matter

I am committed to making my heart attack matter,  so I decided to offer a 5 day FREE health challenge and I am inviting you to step up.   You are worth it.  I have stepped up and changed my lifestyle and you can too.

I have made lasting changes in what I eat, how I nourish my body, and changed how I decided to move forward in life even when hitting bumps in the road.  I decided I am worth the effort.  I want to share some of what I’ve learned so that you can prevent heart disease or heal holistically like I did.

You really don’t have to go thru the drama and trauma I did.

About The 5 Day Challenge

The first challenge will begin on Sunday October 1st and continue through Thursday October 4. The Challenge will happen in a private Facebook group.  Every day we will do a Facebook Live short video for you and post tips around one health strategy per day.  You just need to request to join it. Click here to do so now.

What You Will Receive – Our Gift To You

The support of 2 healthy living leaders who each have their own story (I’m one of them).  My phenomenal business partner Carolyn Morgan is a behavior therapist and energy worker.  You can learn more about us in the Facebook group!  You can also expect:

  • A suggested shopping list and 5 day menu plan
  • A meal prep exercise
  • Healthy recipes that are simple to make
  • Stress taming strategies
  • The support of a group going through the same thing
  • And more… you’ll just have to participate to know

Your Challenge

  • Step up to learn and implement each of the new healthy habits for 5 days straight.


  • You will start to feel better, have more energy and begin to believe you really can do this.
  • You will be on your way to becoming the healthier version of you.  You will know you are worth it.

If you want to continue with us after the 5 days, we can continue to support your efforts to take charge of your health. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any pressure or obligation to continue. But if you want extra help to get on the healthy lifestyle track, we are there for you.

We look forward to getting to know you in the Challenge!  Sign up for it here.



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