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audreyI am passionate about health and wellness and believe most of us can overcome a lot of health issues without resorting to drugs first. Prescription drugs do have their role, but I believe the first place to start is with good nutrition. I was looking to overcome some health concerns that I had, when I discovered USANA.  At the time I was also looking for a turnkey, proven home business opportunity to create residual income.

For me to consider USANA as a business, it had to deliver on the key criteria listed below.

  1. High Quality Products
  2. Products Are Easily Understood And On Trend
  3. Stable Company
  4. Social Media Presence For Leveraging
  5. Great Compensation
  6. Great Training For Duplication
  7. Strong Leadership

Let’s take each of these points in turn.

  1. High Quality Products

USANA’s products are of the highest quality available. Nutrisearch, a third party comparative guide of nutritional supplements, compares 1500 products and gives USANA the highest rating! But it doesn’t end there. Eight of USANA’s supplements are in the Physician’s Desk Reference and been given a pharmaceutical quality grade. Consumer Labs and NSF International have also given USANA top ratings. USANA works with the Linus Pauling Institute and Dr. Oz has partnered with USANA after having his team verify and credential USANA.  And over 700 Olympic and Professional Athletes trust their body’s with USANA!

Check out some of these awards here!


You can be confident in the quality of USANA’s products.

  1. Products Are Easily Understood And On Trend

USANA has 3 product lines: Nutrition, Weight Loss, Skin Care.

Baby Boomers have the highest discretionary income of any demographic group. They are aging with the oldest Boomers already retired and the youngest boomers over 50.   Boomers are looking for supplements to keep them healthy as they age. They also are looking for skin care that to help them look younger.

Virtually everyone in first world countries consumes at least part of the food supply has become a calorie rich and nutrient poor resulting in epidemic rates of obesity. USANA’s Weight Loss program addresses this need.

Demand for supplements, skin care, and weight loss will continue to be strong.


  1. Stable Company

USANA has been in business since 1992. It is publicly traded and listed on the Nasdaq.   It is a debt free company and in 2015 saw a 25% increase in its stock price, with strong revenue and earnings per share growth. As of this writing it has a strong buy consensus recommendation. In their 23 year history, they have never lost a lawsuit.

USANA has a proven business model that works. They know what they are doing.


  1. Social Media Presence For Leverage

USANA has a presence on virtually every social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn.  Their posts can easily be leveraged and shared by everyone. In fact USANA associates can elect to have a business Facebook page set up and posts made to their page by the company.

The content creation has been done so that you don’t have to create your own.


  1. Great Compensation

USANA has been voted #1 Distributors Choice for Best Network Marketing Company by MLM Insider for 16 consecutive years. Over 200 USANA business owners have earned an impressive $1 million or more in commissions.   USANA has a binary compensation plan with payouts of 20% of the short leg. There are no breakages, associates can go inactive and resume later without losing their volume.  For specifics, click here.

With consistent effort, USANA offers an opportunity for real income.


  1. Great Training For Duplication

USANA offers excellent training – both online in each associate’s back office and in local meetings. Dr. Denis Waitley is an internationally best selling author (The Psychology of Winning), former chairman of psychology of the US Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Council and is a consultant and speaker at USANA events.


The tools and training are available for new associates to get the right mindset and skills to develop their own business. You can duplicate yourself!


  1. Strong Leadership

Finally, I was so intrigued by what I learned about USANA, that I wanted to make sure that I selected the right leader to mentor me. I actually emailed the company and asked them to put me in touch with a strong leader in Chicago. That was when I was introduced to Anna Li. She surpassed $1 million in earnings in 2015! Her coaching, mentoring, and willingness to try new things is the reason she is one of the top income producers in the company. And I, and my team, have the privilege of working directly with her to gain the skills necessary to build a business.

You will have access to one of the top leaders in the company if you choose work with me.

If you want to:

  • learn the steps to take to achieve financial freedom
  • create a business that allows you to do the things you love
  • work directly with my team as we teach you how we are creating financial freedom 
  • plug into a turnkey, proven business model to create residual income
  • join an exceptional community of fun, like-minded entrepreneurs

…then this is gonna be right up your alley!  Contact me at or call or text at 708-217-9414.  I look forward to hearing from you.