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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later, But Either Way …

January 18th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

True or False:  You’ve followed the USDA Food Pyramid from the beginning, and were always told supplements were unnecessary as long as you ate a balanced diet.


You might say, “But I eat a healthy diet!”  “Half of my plate is fruits and veggies”.  “I’m not overweight”.  “I don’t have many health concerns”.   “I feel good, I don’t need to.” So you are asking “Why should I take supplements?”  I did some research and wanted to share what I found.  You owe it to yourself to keep reading…

Six Really Smart Reasons You Should Take Supplements

1) Cheaper Than Real Food

salmonThis may be a difficult pill to swallow (pun intended), but sometimes supplements are cheaper than real food.  For example in the case of salmon,  to get the omega 3’s you need, it would be better for you to take an omega 3 supplement.  Farmed salmon is low in omega-3s and higher in toxins, parasites and bacteria than wild salmon.  Farmed salmon also contains 16 times more PCB’s and pesticides  than wild salmon.  But wild salmon, at least in the midwest, is well over $15/pound on sale!  And to get the amount of omega 3’s that you need every day would be …  well, pretty boring and pricey.

2) Soil Depletion

Large scale farming has resulted in an abundant food supply.  In fact it is one of the United States primary exports.  However, the farming practices  that are in place have radically changed the nutritional value of the plants.

depleted soilDr Donald Davis,  a professor at the University of Texas, studied USDA nutritional data from both 1950 and 1999.  Looking at 43 different vegetables and fruits, and he found “reliable declines” in the amount of protein, vitamins and minerals over that time period.  So the food you ate as a kid was a lot more nutritious than what you are eating now.  And every year  that goes by, will see a reduction in the nutritional value.

When crops are grown on the same land over and over again, the soil loses nutrients faster than can be replaced. Over time, the plants have fewer nutrients available to them. When the soil is amended with commercial fertilizer, only a few minerals are replaced namely nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. But all the other minerals and micronutrients are still missing. Consequently those nutrients are not in the fruit or vegetable.

In addition, new varieties of crops have been bred to provide greater yield, pest resistance and adaptability to climate.  These crops grow bigger and faster BUT their ability to manufacture and uptake nutrients has not kept pace with their rapid growth.

Finally, most of the plants sitting on the grocery shelves aren’t fresh.  They sit on trucks, shelves, and counters for weeks before being eaten.  Over time, the nutrient content of these plants decreases.

What to do?  1) Eat organic fruits and veggies whenever possible.  On a limited budget, buy this produce otherwise known as the “Dirty Dozen” as organic and avoid the pesticides that are in high concentration in this produce.  2) Grow your own veggies if you have the space to do so!  3) But the easiest way to get the nutrients you really need year ’round,  is to take supplements.

3) Toxin Exposure

Unfortunately in today’s modern world our bodies are exposed to many toxins. Pesticides and heavy metals are in our food supply. And toxins are also in the air and our environment. Your body needs nutrients to counteract the toxins. Unless you are living in a pristine area, most of us are exposed to toxins every day. Empower your body to combat the toxins it comes in contact with by taking supplements.

4) Nutrient Absorption Declines With Age

Unfortunately as we get older, we don’t don’t absorb nutrients like we used to.  Also many older adults are on drugs that can interfere with nutrient uptake.  To counteract this, older adults need to take more nutrients.  And in the most absorbable form as possible.stemFit-Active-cycler

5) Exercise Increases Nutrient Needs

Exercise is one of the keys to health.  But with exercise you are reducing your energy reserves.  This means you are also using nutrients for energy production and recovery. Since athletes are at a higher risk of nutrient deficiencies, they have a greater need for supplements.  But anyone doing moderate exercise would benefit as well.

6) Taking Supplement May Help You Live Longer

usana logoAging happens but it isn’t alway fun.  Supplements minimize or delay ailments and slow down the aging  process, so why not take them?  Think of it as “Pay me now, or pay me later, but either way I’m gonna pay”.

Invest in your health NOW, so that you won’t be have to pay for it later with all the drugs and medical treatment you will need to treat what might have been preventable.  And enjoy a longer, better quality of life as a result.

When I was researching to see what the best supplements were, I discovered USANA nutritional supplements because they are the highest quality available.  What other supplements are pharmaceutical grade, listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference, that you can buy without a prescription?  Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and many MD’s “prescribe” these supplements to their patients.

In the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, USANA’s Essentials have repeatedly been awarded the highest distinction possible—the NutriSearch Gold Medal of Achievement™*—out of more than 1,600 other supplements. And USANA has also been selected as the publication’s Editor’s Choice since the distinction was introduced, proving USANA’s Essentials are the best of the best.

USANA has also been recognized for excellence by many other institutions:

  •, an independent testing company, put the USANA Essentials through its stringent tests for ingredient quality and quantity, purity, and disintegration.
  • USANA has won a multitude of Utah Best of State awards for dietary supplements.
  • In 2010, the Essentials took home an Australian Business Award for Product Excellence.

health assessment image

Determine what supplements are best for you by taking this complimentary and confidential health assessment.

I believe it is my mission in life to help others improve their quality of life with nutrition. USANA is the best available. Invest in your health NOW so you can enjoy life now and in the future.


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