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Some Eye Opening Info For You

April 5th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

This Caught My Eye…

There is a lot we take for granted.  But a life without the gift of vision is really unimaginable. Everyone wants their site – but a common age-related problem is cataracts and macular generation. I think everyone thinks that the time is very far off for them, but degeneration creeps up on us.  Why not prevent degeneration from happening at all, so that you don’t have to face the consequences?

It turns out that our eyes are susceptible to deterioration from air pollution, dryness and oxidative damage from the sun.  And we don’t even realize it.  Even staring at a computer screen all day or not wearing proper UV protective glasses can put a strain on your eyes which may lead to deteriorating effects.  I’m guilty as charged!

It’s common for us to overlook proper eye care.  I was surprised last year when my optometrist performed a test on my eyes that determined the amount of anti-oxidants that protected my eyes.  Even though I do eat a fairly healthy diet, I was deficient in 2 key nutrients for eye health:  lutein and zeaxanthin.  Not enough leafy greens, highly pigmented fruit, etc.  I ignored the test results.  I didn’t really want to have another thing I have to worry about.  And quite frankly, I kind of forgot about it.

Visionex For Eye Health

My mom and I after her cataract surgery

But in the past  year, my mom had cataract surgery and my uncle has macula degeneration and is scheduled for surgery.  Granted they are a generation older than me, but I don’t care how old I am – I want my vision and don’t like the idea of eye surgery at any age.  When I joined USANA, the health assessment reminded me about the importance of eye health and I decided to take Visionex – a supplement that has lutein, zeaxanthin,  with bilberry, zinc and vitamin C to help with capillary health.  And in the past month, I decided to add it into the mix of supplements that I take.

Last week I went for my yearly eye exam and discovered that my levels of lutein and xeaxanthin improved and are at almost the “suggested” levels.  This is after only a month on the supplements. Even though I don’t feel differently, I now know have my “built-in” sunglasses on.  And with blue eyes that are very light sensitive, I feel good about myself and know that I’m protecting my eyes for the future.

Get that twinkle back in your eyes!   Protect your wonderful window to your soul and include Visionex in your supplement mix.  And if  you know of someone with eye issues in their family, forward this information along to them.  I know you’re seeing eye to eye with me on this.

And just curious, before reading this, did you know about these nutrients that support eye health?  If so where did you find out about them?  Let me know and leave a comment below.






42 thoughts on “Some Eye Opening Info For You”

  1. I’m at that “age” too, Audrey! I do eat well and protect my eyes in the sun. But I’m going to add visionex too. Thanks for that!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      I’m happy that I could help educate you on eye health. Visionex works – I got the test results to prove it.

  2. It’s interesting that your optometrist could check for protective antioxidants in your eyes, Audrey, as I know for sure that isn’t a test they do here in Canada. Or at least not one that I know about. Your story is amazing and as I am always a USANA associate, I have been thinking of adding Visionex to my protocol as well. I will have to look at that for my next order. Great testimonial and thanks for sharing it!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Yes – I have to admit that I see a very progressive optometrist who is always looking for the best interests of her patients. But yes – this is twice now that I have independent tests showing that USANA supplements are effective. Glad this inspires you to try Visionex.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      I am not sure if every eye doctor has the machine that measures the levels. It’s basically a visual test where I had to determine if the there were lines that wiggled. With higher levels of these nutrients, the more likely you are to see them. Good luck. The USANA supplements were less than what the doctor wanted to charge and as you know they are of very high quality.

  3. I didn’t know that there were supplements to help with eye health. I am going to talk to my eye doctor about that. My mother in law just had cataract surgery on both eyes. She came through fine but was surprised at how much she was not seeing. It’s amazing what we get used to in our lives when we really don’t have too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have to say… as of now I am young enough and lucky… but I have a few plastic surgeons and eye docs that I post social media for and have begun to learn more and more about the aging process and our eyes… and while our back/spines are so important… man, it would suck to not be able to see… huge value in keeping that in check.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Eating a healthy diet will go a long way to helping many degenerative diseases. But in case you don’t always… supplements can really help.

  5. Never heard of this. My mother had cataract surgery about a year ago, so this article has definitely caught my eye! Thank you!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Look into eating lots of dark leafy greens if you want to get these nutrients naturally. But it can be really hard to get enough.

  6. Teresa Salhi says:

    Your article is full of great information! I am glad I came across and will note the suggestions you shared. Thank you!

  7. Karen Grosz says:

    I knew there were nutrients our eyes need but I admit I tend to ignore my eyes. Why when they are so important. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      When you see your loved ones go through this or when your prescription really starts changing, you give eye health more thought.

  8. I will be seeing my Eye Dr soon & will ask about these tests. Never read or heard about it before. Always something new. It is just 1 of the extras I like about blogs & groups. Wide range of topics.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Yes – I am not sure if every eye doctor has the machine that measures the levels. It’s basically a visual test where I had to determine if the there were lines that wiggled. With higher levels of these nutrients, the more likely you are to see them. Good luck. Let me know if you decide you’d like to try the supplements out. My supplements were less than what the doctor wanted to charge.

  9. Believe it or not, I JUST researched this topic about two weeks ago! I purchased a lutein and zeaxanthin supplement at that time because I was concerned about my eye health. Reading your article confirmed, that I made the correct choice about what nutrients I need to try to prevent eye disease. Macular degeneration is so scary! I did not know that an optometrist could perform a test to determine antioxidants levels. I’ll have to remember that for my next visit. Very informative, thank you!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Glad I gave you some reassurance! Yes – it’s not carrots that are going to protect your eyes. It’s all the wonderful nutrients that we rarely get enough of. So why not protect yourself and take a supplement that ensures you are fully protecting your eyes.

  10. Hi Audrey,
    Very informative post! Thanks so much for sharing how important our eye health is and what we can do to improve it 🙂 Great share!

  11. Joyce Hansen says:

    Audrey, this is great information. Especially, for all of us who are on our computers all the time.I knew about Lutein but not Xeaxanthin. I will be checking this out further.

  12. Christy says:

    I cannot imagine a life without sight. Not seeing my kids or future grandkids. YIKES! Thanks for sharing and bringing this to my attention.

  13. Audrey, I did not know that a person could be tested for levels of specific nutrients in an eye test. But I do recognize changes in my eyes as I get older. Good to know.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Next time you go in to get your eyes checked, ask to have a test done. The USANA supplement is of very high quality and less expensive than what my doctor was offering. Let me know if I can help you out.

  14. Tamuria says:

    I knew about bilberry, zinc and vitamin C from years ago when my oldest son was told he’d need glasses. I gave him these supplements along with regular eye exercises in an effort to strengthen his eyes. It is really easy to take our sight for granted and forget to care for our eyes. Thank you for the reminder.

  15. Carol Rundle says:

    I really hadn’t given much (or any!) thought to supplements for eye health, so I appreciate the information.

  16. Psychic Nest says:

    Hi Audrey,

    I do the yearly eye check but I had no clue about the nutrients that help with the good eye health. Thank you so much for all this information and for sharing your experience!


  17. Joan Potter says:

    Checking for antioxidants in the eyes?! I’ve never heard of such a thing – but trust me, I’ll be looking into it! I have very poor vision in one eye (since birth) and I have to preserve what’s left!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Joan let me know if you want more information. These specific nutrients help protect our eyes against blue light. The kind we get from computer screens, phones, and tablets. It’s like wearing internal sunglasses.

  18. I knew about lutein, but not the other. And I have no idea where I found that out!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Jackie I’m happy to have helped your awareness. I’d love to help you with your eye health when you are ready.

  19. Lisa Swanson says:

    Well I eat lots and lots of leafy greens so hopefully I”m protected. Will have to get that checked out though to be on the safe side. I, like most entrepreneurs, stare at a computer screen for MANY hours each day

  20. Katarina Andersson says:

    True, eyesight is an important part of us…and now I did not know about this nutrient…

  21. Stef says:

    Hi. Can you take the usana visionex alone without the usana essentials? Thank you!

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