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Bye, Bye Belly Fat!

February 26th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

USANA Reset Weight Loss System

My heart sings when I make a difference in people’s health.  I recently had a chance to catch up with Terry Coffman and learned that he had lost 15 pounds in 14 days using the USANA Reset Weight Loss System!  And the best part is that he wasn’t hungry or grumpy during the weight loss.  Listen to what he has to say.

Terry has been replacing his breakfast and lunch with nutritionally balanced USANA Nutrimeal meal replacement shakes.

The Problem With Belly Fat

The most satisfying part of his weight loss is that he is losing BELLY FAT!  Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is different from the fat just below your skin.  Belly fat is the fat next to your organs that produces toxins that make it more likely for you to develop heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and more.  So more than other types of fat, belly fat is what you want to lose.

But if you’ve ever tried losing weight you know that belly fat is often the most difficult to lose.  Often times as you get older, your metabolic rate goes down as estrogen decreases in women, and testosterone decreases in men.  You can increase your metabolism by working out – but it has to be a combination of cardio and strength training.  Muscles burn fat – so build your muscles.

Workout Program During Weight Loss

Check out this workout that John Dewey, personal trainer, put together for people who are going through the the USANA Reset Weight Loss System.  This is a great approach to begin building your muscles.


You can’t do lots of sit-ups and expect to be able to spot reduce.  Involve lots of muscle groups and remember to get some cardio in as well – just walking 30 minutes a day is a great start.

USANA Rated Top Direct Selling Brand 2016

USANA was just recently named as the 2016 Top Rated Direct Selling Brand in survey of Vitamins and Supplement Users!  So you know that you would be joining other satisfied consumers in becoming healthier.  If you like the results that Terry got and are looking for a great weight loss system, I invite you to try USANA Reset!  To order visit  I’m here to get you back on track to better health.  You deserve it!


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