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Shift Into Shape Week 2 – Exercise and Hypnosis

January 25th, 2014 by Audrey Weidman


You have finished your first week with with Shifting into Shape and you are starting Week 2!

  • Have you pushed past the initial discomfort?
  • Are you feeling better energy and less cravings now than you did before?

If you are following the process of taking the vitamins, enjoying the meal replacement shakes and bars twice per day, and eating a low glycemic healthy foods outside of the program, I’m confident the answer is YES!   This low glycemic eating plan has been in place with USANA for a very long time and many people have had success!

Your first week may have been difficult.  It kind of depends upon the state of your health and what you have been used to eating beforehand.  High glycemic foods are very common in the United States and remain a trigger for a lot of cravings.

After the first week, I remember having absolutely no carb cravings which was amazing!  A bag of kettle cooked chips (my favorites) sat unopened until my college kids came home from school about 4 weeks later.  That would never have been the case without the help of the USANA products system.

Keep The End In Mind

Get out a picture of yourself when you were at the weight you are trying to achieve.  If you don’t have that, cut out a picture of a magazine for inspiration.  Remember for weight loss to be healthy, it will be gradual.  And it also will be sustainable.

Week 2 - Shift Into Shape exerciseExercise Program – Week 2

Here is Week 2 of simple exercises you can do to drain your lymphatics and keep your joint mobility.  Even though I consider myself to be fairly fit, I do admit to this engaging my core quite a bit.  Remember this doesn’t require any special equipment, you aren’t getting down on the floor and you can do this virtually anywhere – just grab a chair and just do it.

I will apologize for the graininess of the video.  When we shot the video when it was gorgeous outside, but didn’t realize the focus was off.

Self-Hypnosis  – Week 2

Here is the second self hypnosis audio for you to listen to.  Remember the best times to re-program your subconscious mind is in the morning when you just wake up and in the evening before you fall asleep.

Get the week 2 self-hypnosis here.  Claudia Chavez, our wonderful hypnotist, will help you change your mind about food.

Going Forward

Below are habits I want you to cultivate and continue even after you have finished the 28 days.  Remember to drink lots of water – half of your body weight in ounces.  Hopefully you’ve reached this goal by now.  It’s important for internal cleansing and to help you feel a bit more satisfied.  Lots of us eat when we are thirsty – so let’s drink water instead!

To kick start your day with the following regimen:

  • Start day with glass of water with 1/2 squeezed lemon to alkalize the body.  (Disease doesn’t grow in alkaline conditions).
  • AM Shake: My Smart Protein Meal Replacement Shake
  • Mid-morning: My Smart High Protein Bar
  • Lunch:My Smart Protein Meal Replacement Shake
  • Mid-afternoon: Fruit or 2nd My Smart Bar, unlimited veggies
  • Dinner: Low Glycemic Meal (refer to Meal Planning Sheet sent in earlier email)

Keep the end in mind, the healthier slimmer you, and look forward to getting a call from your health coach in the next few days! 



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