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I Really Am My Father’s Daughter…

March 11th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

Take Care Of Yourself

But I’m happy to say I am better than him on one thing at least!  I reduced my cholesterol and triglycerides naturally.

Yesterday was a really good day 🙂

I got my blood results back and found out that I did it!  I reduced my cholesterol and triglycerides naturally!  Yup…  without statins and without a lot of lifestyle changes.  I officially reduced my total cholesterol over 21 points and my triglycerides are down 29 points.  Now looking at me you might be surprised that I would even have high cholesterol.  I always had a pretty good diet.  I exercised and maintained a pretty good weight.   But what I do have is my father’s genes.  There are so many wonderful things that I inherited from my dad, but processing cholesterol isn’t one of them.

Check out my story below.

Statins are the first thing that doctors want to prescribe when you have high cholesterol.  But there are side effects.  Possible memory loss and mental confusion are the scariest possible side effects in my opinion and not worth the risk.

Naturopathic Doctor To The Rescue!

So I was very motivated to find a way to reduce my cholesterol and triglycerides naturally.  I got my blood results last August and met with a naturopathic doctor.  You know, the doctors that use the wisdom of nature along with modern science to manage disease and other ailments.

My doctor “prescribed” three nutritionals for me.

  1. Fish Oil with a good balance of different types of Omega 3 fatty Acids.
  2. Fiber to prevent too much intestinal cholesterol absorption (one of my genetic issues)
  3. Probiotics to help the “pipes” stay clean if you know what I mean

In researching what were the best nutritional supplements, I discovered USANA – the highest rated nutritional company.  Check out more information on this.

These are the products I started using and you can order them here:

  1. Biomega – scrubbed twice and guaranteed to be free of mercury and PCB’s
  2. Fibergy Plus  – just one serving provides half of the recommended daily fiber
  3. USANA Probiotics – not affected by stomach acid and works in the intestine

None of these nutritional supplements have any side effects.  You will prevent or reverse your body from getting heart disease.  Do yourself a favor and take care of yourself now so that you will be telling your friends how you reduced cholesterol and triglycerides naturally.




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