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My Amazing #WeightLoss Story with USANA Reset

December 8th, 2015 by Audrey Weidman

I was searching for a line of quality nutritionals and discovered that USANA had the highest quality rating of vitamins and supplements currently available.  I decided to try them.  I wasn’t really looking for a weight loss product, but I decided to try USANA Reset anyway since I really wanted to be ten pounds lighter.  It’s part of the middle age spread that I have been living with for 10 years.  UGH!

To my amazement the #USANAReset system is working!  I lost 5 lbs in 5 days just as promised when using the kit, but what is even more amazing is how Reset has changed my cravings!  I’m not relying on my will power as much and continue to lose weight even during the holidays.  Right now I’m down 8 lbs and I haven’t weighed this low in over 10 years.  I have 2 more pounds to go and then I just want to maintain.

Learn how I did it here.

The shakes are meal replacements and are delicious.  People who have tried them think they are the best protein shakes they’ve ever tried, and the protein bars are really good – they taste like a sweet treat.  All the products are low glycemic and high protein that helps curb your appetite.  That along with the vitamins really give you a balanced meal plan.

Now I am down to one shake per day – usually breakfast or lunch.  You can add fruit, greens, flavorings, fiber, probiotics to your shake for variety.  This is the easiest I’ve ever had in losing weight and I have to say I’m impressed.  I’d love for you to try them as well.  What’s more is that I am working with a woman who has kept 30 pounds off over 8 years.   Now that is saying something.

Visit to order.   You may wish to order 2 kits, one for the first 5 days and one for the maintenance for the rest of the month.

You are worth it!  You will look and feel better about yourself and start the New Year on the right foot.


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