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Keep The Colds At Bay A Surprising Solution

November 19th, 2015 by Audrey Weidman

Probiotics Can Reduce Your need for tiissues

There is a very simple thing that you can do to reduce your chance of catching a cold or other virus by 37%.  Not just accelerate your recovery, but reduce the chance of getting anything in the first place.

And this is all natural – no drugs involved.  I had heard of it, I’ve used it, but never knew that it could do this.

What is it???

You’re never going to guess.

Wait for it…

Probiotics!  The humble little beneficial bacteria that live in your gut.    Probiotics make it easier for you to digest your food.  But they also help improve your immune health.  In fact, thanks to probiotics, the small intestine has more immune cells than any other organ in the body!

I recommend USANA Probiotics.  They are a blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria that were carefully selected to survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach so that they can make it into your gut. USANA Probiotic is dairy free and sugar free.  It is also guaranteed to remain effective for at least 18 months when stored at room temperature. Few probiotic products can make these claims. And it is so convenient—you can easily add a stick pack to your favorite shake.

To keep the beneficial bacteria in good health, it is important to have prebiotics in your diet. Prebiotics are specific types of carbohydrates, usually some kind of fiber, that provide food for the healthy bacteria.  Research shows that prebiotics can significantly increase the number of healthy bacteria in the gut. USANA’s Fibergy Plus is made with a blend of fiber sources.  There is absolutely no dairy, soy, or gluten-containing ingredients.  So even if you have sensitivities, you can be confident of what you are getting.

Prebiotics are also a good tool in helping to recover from a cold or virus.  A 2011 study, participants taking a prebiotic supplement reduced the intensity of cold and flu symptoms in college students. A 5-gram dose of prebiotics also reduced the number of days spent with a cold or flu by 40 percent compared to a placebo!  So include prebiotics in your diet… because no one likes to have a cold longer than they have to.

For additional immune support, take Zinc, Vitamin C and Echinacea.  During the holidays when we tend to gather together more often and unfortunately pass around the germs.  Zinc has been shown to prevent colds as well as shorten the symptoms of a cold.   A 2011 review of 13 studies found that zinc supplements shorten the duration of colds.  A similar study from the University of Finland calculated that zinc can reduce the length of a cold by 42 percent on average.  Just be sure, to take zinc within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms.

I recommend USANA Booster C 600™.  It is a powerful blend that uses zinc, elderberry, and high-quality echinacea along with a exclusive Poly C® vitamin C blend.  Because of the powerful immune boosting ingredients that Booster C 600 provides, it should NOT be taken longer than two weeks at a time. It is the perfect solution just for those times when you feel your immunity needs a little boost – like now, during the holidays.

With cold and flu season just beginning and holiday gatherings about to start, USANA has the tools you need to keep your body’s defenses strong:  prebiotics, probiotics, and zinc.  Create your invisible immunity shield and enjoy the holiday activities knowing your immune system is strong.


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