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Bare Minimum Or Optimal? You Choose

July 7th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

Best Vitamins

I’m going to start out with a quote.

“Discontent is the first necessity of progress”. Thomas Alva Edison.

So how content are you with your health?  If your answer is anything but “optimal”, hang in there with me and read along…

Chances are pretty high that you are NOT getting all the nutrients you need for optimal health.  You might say “Audrey I’m sure I get all the nutrients I need from my food.”  Well our food supply is depleted – even fresh produce isn’t what it once was.  Find out more here.

Or you might say  “I take vitamins and they have everything I need.”  But let me share a little bit about how the government developed the “RDA” or recommended daily allowance.

The Real Scoop Behind The RDA

Back in the early 1900’s when scientists discovered “vitamins”, the government studied a group of prisoners that received normal prison fare – in other words food having very bad nutrition.  Most of the prisoners developed diseases due to vitamin deficiency such as:

Disease Deficiency
Night blindness Vitamin A
Beri beri Vitamin B1
Pellagra Vitamin B3
Scurvy Vitamin C
Rickets Vitamin D


Then they determined what the minimum level of vitamins would be needed for these diseases to go away. That is how the Recommended Daily Allowance was developed – the bare minimum that you need to not develop disease.

But does this sound like an optimal level of vitamins?  USANA has the optimal levels of vitamins for cellular health that are at much higher levels than the RDA.  You can check out their values here: Essentials.

Do They Dissolve?

Another way how to tell if your vitamins are good is if they are soluble.  I recently attended a lecture where Dr Ladd McNamara MD and cellular nutrition expert showed an x-ray of vitamins passing through the intestines.  The patient was taking a common over the counter vitamin that we are all familiar with.  You could see three vitamins moving along in various stages down the intestinal tract.  They never dissolved and basically were on their way to being pooped out!

For the vitamins to be used by the body, they have to dissolve in your stomach. Check out this article by Consumer Labs.  This morning I did my own little test to show you how to tell if your vitamins are good.  Place your vitamins in room temperature water and see what happens.  My USANA vitamins were almost completely dissolved after 45 min!

how to tell if your vitamins are good

how to tell if your vitamins are good

how to tell if your vitamins are good









Don’t waste your money on poor quality just because you think you are getting a “deal” on inexpensive vitamins.   Invest in your health with the highest rated vitamins in North America.   You are worth it!

Getting back to Thomas Edison, if you are discontent with your health, you can absolutely make progress towards improving your health with vitamins.  Give yourself the gift of optimal cellular nutrition for your body with USANA vitamins!   See what vitamins are best for your personal needs and take the free health assessment.  You will receive a personalized recommendation given your health needs.  Know what you want?  You can  order here.

If you liked this article or found this information to be useful, please share it with a friend or leave a comment below.  As always if you have questions, email me and we can set up a time to chat.


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