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Give The Perfect Gift This Season

December 18th, 2015 by Audrey Weidman

Skip The Stuff

‘Tis the season for love, happiness and celebration — and also for finding that perfect gift for the ones you love. Instead of stuff, how about giving the gift presentsof health?  So much of the stuff we give may not really be appreciated anyway, but experiences are remembered!  According to Time Magazine, up to 71% of gifts aren’t aren’t appreciated anyway:  30% will regift the present, 27% will donate it, and 14% will sell it.  Rather than accumulate more stuff, put your money towards something that will make a memory or improve your health.

Some fun gift ideas to support your health might include:

  • Sign a friend and yourself up for (healthy) cooking classes.
  • Give the gift of massage
  • Give the gift of fitness with a customized fitness workout with a personal trainer.
  • How about acupuncture or reflexology?

All of these are fun, thoughtful ways to support key areas of overall health.  If you live in the Chicago area and don’t know where to go, I am happy to recommend people in the city and suburbs.  Just email me where you are located and I will put you in touch with some phenomenal practitioners in your area.  

Health Assessment

health assessment imageNow how about you? You should give yourself the gift of health!  I invite you to take the True Health Assessment  to discover if you are as healthy as you feel. It’s fast (less than ten minutes), confidential, easy, and it’s totally personalized! You will understand your health risks, get a lifestyle plan and a personalized nutrition program. 

Good health is one of the keys to happiness.  The gift of health is one of love.  Love yourself and your loved ones by nurturing your health.  My wish for you is a vibrantly healthy and wonderful holiday season!



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