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Get Rid Of Belly Bloat – 5 Easy Tips

August 1st, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

5 Tips to Help You Get Rid Of Belly Bloat

You know the feeling. That “bloated” full, gassy feeling in your abdomen that makes your stomach sensitive and swollen. It’s not usually a sign of anything serious, but it’s really uncomfortable, it’s a buzz kill, and it zaps your energy.

I’m going to share the most common triggers of the “bloat” and give you a game plan to avoid it altogether.

Be sure to leave your questions and what has worked for you in the comments below. I want to hear from you!

Cause #1: Swallowed Air And Overeating

Believe it or not, we swallow a lot of air. And that air ends up getting trapped in our digestive system and can give us that bloated feeling. We swallow air when we chew gum, drink carbonated beverages, suck on hard candy, drink through a straw, talk while we eat, and smoke cigarettes (if the fear of cancer doesn’t get you to stop, maybe the fear of the bloat will J).

We can also swallow lots of air when we eat too quickly. And big chunks of poorly chewed food end up in our stomachs, leaving us uncomfortable and making digestion more difficult.

Overeating also taxes our digestive system—even if we overeat with healthy food! So whether we’re swallowing too much air or ate too much, we’re going to get that bloated, crummy feeling.

The Solution

mysmartbar_dark_chocolate_left__usFollow your mom’s advice. Sit down, eat slowly, and chew!

It’s really that simple, we just have to remember to do it. Also, having small meals more frequently throughout the day (rather than stuffing yourself because you’re starving) can help digestion tremendously. Enjoy small snacks between meals of easy-to-digest lighter foods, such as a piece of fruit, hummus and carrot chips, or a protein bar. I recommend USANA’s MySmartFoods Protein Bars, personally Dark Chocolate is my favorite.   They satisfy your hunger without the empty carbohydrates of most guilty pleasures.

Cause #2: Adding Certain (Healthy) Foods Too Quickly Into Your Diet

Certain foods can be especially hard to digest when they’re first introduced into your diet. Your inner digestive ecosystem needs time to adjust to the changes being introduced.

The main food culprits that trigger gas and bloating include: cruciferous vegetables, onions, and legumes (you know the magical fruit).

The natural sugars in these foods are difficult for your body to break down when they’re first added to your diet. Once your inner ecosystem is healthy and adapted to the new diet, they are much easier to digest.


To counteract the effect of the onions and cruciferous veggies, you might want to try preparing your vegetables by baking, simmering, sautéing or lightly steaming them to make them more digestible.

You can also ease into things by starting with a 1/2-cup serving every 1-2 days for a week so that your body can get used to them. Add an additional 1/2-cup serving daily for another week to help your body acclimate and create the enzymes we need to digest them.


Try digestive enzymes: If you’re experiencing bloating at any time, you may need a digestive enzyme booster. Some people make too few of the important digestive enzymes, which can easily lead to chronic bloating. But even for the rest of us, digestive enzymes can really help prevent bloating, especially when adopting new, healthy diet changes. I recommend USANA’s Digestive Enzyme which supplies a wide range of supplemental enzymes that support the breakdown of dietary carbohydrates, fat, protein, lactose, and cellulose. It also contains artichoke extract, which helps relieve occasional stomach upset, especially after a large meal.

probioticsTake probiotics daily: Bloating and gas can be a sign of too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria. Eating fermented foods, such as tempeh, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchee, can help your gut stay happy and healthy. But if you don’t eat these foods on a daily basis -and most of us don’t- try takingprobiotics. I do every day – it’s easy! I take USANA’s Probiotics. These beneficial microbes are shelf stable and survive the stomach acid so that all of them make it into your gut and will get to work on digesting the culprits that cause of gas.

Cause #3: Bad food choices.

You already know this. Eating fatty, fried and heavy foods makes us stay uncomfortably full longer. Plus, it produces extra gas as your digestive system breaks down these types of foods. Excessive dairy products can be a source of excessive gas, due to poor digestion of the milk sugar lactose even among people who are lactose tolerant. So you may want to “cut the cheese” and other dairy from your diet.

Artificial sweetners (sugar alcohols) such as sorbitol, xylitol and maltitol, are found in sugar-free or “no sugar added” foods and are also problematic. Our bodies can’t digest them, but the bacteria in our gut ferments them causing a great deal of gas.

Solution:Get Rid of Belly Bloat

Eat whole foods more often and sweeten your foods naturally. Focus on whole plant foods like whole grains, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, since they’re lighter and easier to digest. Have little snacks throughout the day to get used to this shift. And ease fiber in slowly. Lastly, avoid artificially sweetened foods, and instead sweeten foods with a little maple syrup, honey, stevia or dates.


Cause #4: Too much fiber, too fast.

Even though fiber is super important for your health, jumping into a high-fiber diet (30+ grams daily) when your system is used to a low-fiber Standard American diet (15 grams or less) may not be overly pleasant and will probably result in a lot of bloat.


Add high-fiber foods in slowly. Adding high-fiber foods at a rate of 5-10 additional grams of fiber daily for one week at a time should help you avoid any increased gas or bloating. So add a piece of fruit, 1 cup of raw veggies, ½ c cooked veggies, or 1/2 cup of beans or lentils. Or if you’re having difficulty making the switch to enough whole foods, you can easily add fiber with USANA’s MySmartFoods Fibergy Plus. It’s a flavorless blend of soluble and insoluble fiber that’s easy to blend into whatever you’re having:


standupBust A Move! Exercise promotes healthy digestion and releases trapped gas. Even a 15-minute walk can help relieve the bloat. Also, if you sit at your desk a lot, consider getting the free StandUp app.  It will remind you to stand up and stretch at predetermined intervals that you set. I use this when I sit down at the computer.

Cause #5: Eating foods that trigger food sensitivities.

A lot of us are unaware of our food sensitivities or intolerances. Figuring this out can go a long, long way in determining what can help you eliminate bloat and other digestive problems. The five most common foods that account for about 75% of all food allergies include: wheat (gluten), corn, soy, dairy, and eggs. Besides the bloat, other common symptoms of food sensitivities are dark circles under the eyes, and tiredness/mental fogginess – you know, the food coma after eating. You should feel clear and energized after eating.


Start an elimination diet to determine which ones you’re affected by. Eliminate all suspect foods for 14-21 days and then adding them in one at a time will help you to pinpoint which foods are the culprits. It will also help you figure out which ones you can safely eat.

Do away with dairy: The milk sugar, lactose, is a common culprit in gassiness. Avoid or minimize dairy foods and incorporate the unsweetened, non-dairy milks made from almonds, coconut, or rice. If you haven’t tried them, they are really good!

So you want to get rid of that uncomfortable bloated feeling?

Check out the list above and admit to yourself what eating habits of yours could be improved. Then take a look at the solutions for relief and see how many you can integrate regularly into your diet and lifestyle.   The more you can implement, the quicker you’re going to reduce or eliminate bloating. Keep in mind that the most time-consuming tip is probably identifying food sensitivities, so just make sure you’ve blocked out 3-4 weeks of time to tackle that one.

USANA supplements offer the highest quality supplements available and if you would like a 10%  discount – become a preferred customer here.  It’s free and no obligation for ongoing orders.  I’d love to help you!


Let me hear from you

What culprits leave you feeling bloated and what do you do about it? Let me know in the comments below.



Kris Carr





28 thoughts on “Get Rid Of Belly Bloat – 5 Easy Tips”

  1. Kristi says:

    I love these tips! I felt like a balloon after scuba diving, when you said “swallowing air” I thought that made perfect sense! Now I know what to do about it!

  2. Practical advice–some of which does help because I’ve tried it! Xylitol does not agree with my colon at all. I avoid it as much as possible or suffer the consequences. Hummus is a great snack, and I try to pair it with veggies but sometimes use gluten-free crackers. We eliminated milk from our diets years ago, and we’ve reduced dairy in general; however, I still eat organic cheese. I’m a work in progress. 😉 Love these tips!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Hi Meghan. Thanks so much for the snack tips. Hummus is a staple in our house too and with my daughter being lactose sensitive and me having less than ideal cholesterol, milk is almost out of our household.

  3. Great info, Audrey! People are often asking me how and what I eat, and of course, mine is mainly a plant-based diet. Then folks come back to me and say how bloated they felt! I’ll direct them to this blog. Thank You!

  4. Joan Potter says:

    Audrey – It sounds dumb, but this makes me miss my mom. My mother, who was the last living hippie on earth (or maybe just swamp-witch) always made her own keefir. She claimed that the store-bought stuff didn’t have nearly the probiotics as the batches she made. She would then make a type of cheesecake with it which turned out to be more savory than sweet, but was palatable nonetheless. The older I get, the more I miss her streaks of genius.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Wow – that is cool to hear. You never really know what can trigger memory lane, do you? She sounds like a cool lady. Thanks for sharing and hopefully you tried to make some of her kefir or cheese cake.

  5. Tamuria says:

    Great advice. Excercise is my favourite way to relieve bloating.

  6. Having had digestive issues from a very young age, I know all too well, most of these symptoms. A lot of people aren’t aware how key our digestion is to immune function too and just put up with symptoms, until they have to find solutions. Coming from a family who eats too quickly and seems to inhale our meals, I really get the one about swallowing too much air during a meal. I’ve also been taking digestive enzymes for a very long time to support my system and find as people age, they need them more than ever. Thanks for sharing all these tips and solutions, Audrey. We are definitely on the same page.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      We really are on the same page! Funny about how my family used to encourage “speed eating” in an effort for us to quit dawdling, but now my siblings and I have the annoying habit of eating way too fast!

      Glad to hear the digestive enzymes work for you – and yes as we age we need them more and more.

  7. Teresa Salhi says:

    What a great article for the bloater types. Happens to me sometimes too. I am aware of most of this but found it very worthwhile to have the reminders. Thank you and plan to keep the bloat away! 🙂

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Glad you found this information to be useful. Lots of people have “bloat” and knowing what the causes are is the key to prevention.

  8. I ear so slwly & have always done so. Did not know some of the other tips as I never use digestive engymes & only probiotic when on an antibiotic. I am a Usana customer & Beverley is my rep.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Glad you discovered some new tips to combat bloat. Glad you are a USANA customer – it really is the best nutrition available and I have seen many health improvements in myself and my family.

  9. Super suggestions. I will share them with my sister’s weight-loss group.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Thanks so much Jackie! Yes the bloat is often experienced with weight loss because of too many changes too quickly. I do believe this would be helpful.

  10. I like that Stand Up app; however, I recently purchased an adjustable standing desk. If often become so involved in my work that I still forget to regularly stand up at the desk so I need to set a timer to remind me.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      That’s cool. Do you have slow tread mill too? I would like to try that. But the StandUp app is free and so easy to implement.

  11. Kimberly says:

    Great post! I definitely overdo it in the fiber sometimes… I love veggies and I love beans! Recently I’ve been eating almost exclusively from my garden, and I had to lay off the tomatoes a few days ago!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      I’m eating from my garden too. I don’t have problems with tomatoes I don’t think, but beans can get to me if I don’t take it easy.

  12. Hi Audrey,

    These are excellent tips for belly bloat! Thank you for sharing as I have jotted them down 🙂

  13. Karen Grosz says:

    I was sweetening my tea with stevia and I have found that if I have two cups, I have to drink one without stevia or I will feel bloated. Food sensistivies were the worst culpriate for me, but I am working getting my gut healthy.

  14. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the tips. Anything additional around the middle is something that I want to avoid!

  15. Joyce Hansen says:

    Audrey, really never suspected that swallowing air could add to bloating. I do use a straw and like carbonated drinks. Obviously this is something I can fix right away. Thanks.

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