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Follow These Steps To Create Powerful Affirmations To Improve Your Health and Life!

August 16th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

Create Powerful Affirmations To Improve Your Health and Life

I wanted to write a post about the power of affirmations and how to effectively use them for weight loss and improving your health.  I feel I have mastered most of my weight and health issues and want to share my success with you.

But as I started digging deeper into the power of affirmations, I realized that I need to use affirmations in many other areas of my life.

Unless you are perfectly content with the status quo, affirmations are a powerful tool to change yourself for the better. In this case, the teacher (me), needs to learn the skill that is being taught, so let’s do this together.

Let’s follow these steps to create powerful affirmations to improve your health and life!  You will learn…

  • What affirmations are
  • Why we should use affirmations
  • How to effectively create them
  • How to implement them

After you’ve read this post, I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve learned something, let me know what was the most helpful. Maybe you would even like to share what affirmations you are using and what kind of an impact it has made in your life. We would all benefit by hearing your story.

What Are Affirmations?

Whether you realize it or not, we all create our own reality in life by the words we speak and the thoughts we think. Affirmations are the expression of our thoughts, words and actions.

An affirmation is a statement that asserts the existence or truth of something. Words that you use when you talk to yourself or others are affirmations.

You might be saying to yourself, “I am overweight and losing weight is really hard”. Then there is a very good chance that you are heavier than you wish to be.   If you hold that thought and image consistently, you behave in ways consistent with that belief and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you really want to lose weight and be healthier, you must have positive self-talk. Think about how you want to look and say something like:

“I am healthy, energetic, and at my ideal weight”.

positive affirmations for weight loss

This is the kind of self-fulfilling prophecy you want to see happen!

Why Use Affirmations?

Affirmative statements go beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words used in the present. Affirmations are effective tools for developing new positive habits and overcoming challenges. Olympic and professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs, any really super successful person uses them to create what they dream of. And you can too.

Words express our thoughts and ideas and gain strength by repetitions. Focus your attention with belief and desire on an affirmation and you energize it. Click To Tweet You are literally thinking something into being!

With affirmations you can develop various skills, improve your concentration, increase your self-confidence and improve your motivation.

If we adopt a positive attitude, we attract and discover other positive things in our surrounding world, and therefore become even more positive. Now that is the kind of path I want to be on! And I bet you do too.

Become aware of your thoughts and speech patterns. After many repetitions, your subconscious begins to accept them as reality. If you catch yourself saying something negative, cancel that thought and turn it around it with a positive affirmation.

How to effectively create powerful affirmations to improve your health and life

I am recommending 10 guidelines you can use to create powerful affirmations for yourself.

1. Start affirmations with “I am”. When we use those two words, it says to our subconscious brain, “I will be” and takes it as a command.

“I am an effective and  powerful leader in my company.”

2. Affirm the positive. Choose words to positively reflect what you desire. Focus on choice and health. The subconscious loves to have choice.

“I look and feel great and choose healthy foods and habits for vibrant health”.


The fear of deprivation can set into motion the exact activity (e.g. overeating) that you wish to discontinue. How many times have you been on a “diet” only to start craving the forbidden foods more than ever? Instead of saying “I am sticking to my diet”, change it to

“I am vibrant, energetic, and at my ideal weight.”

positive affirmations for health

3. Use action words. Getting, achieving, creating – a verb with “ing”. These action words link to an image of a remembered activity. The more clearly that you see the action in your mind, the more impact that affirmation will be.

“I am leading my team with passion and inspire them every day”.

4. Be specific.  Become really clear on what it is you are affirming, so that your brain and the universe know exactly what to create for you. The amount, the time, a measureable specific should be included.

“I am reaching at least 1,000 new people per month via the internet”.

5. Evoke emotions. Use words that are charged with a strong emotional response in you.

“I am cheerfully choosing food that supports my healthy body.”

positive affirmations for health


6. Make it short. They need to be easy to remember and easy to repeat throughout the day

“I am a magnet for health”

positive affirmations for health

7. Write in the present tense, not the future.  Communicate to your mind that you believe what you want has already happened. This isn’t lying to yourself: it acknowledges that everything is first created in your mind before your goal can be manifested. Imagine your goal being achieved and your dreams realized. Then everything in your subconscious wants to reorganize itself to become consistent with that statement and the shift begins.

“I am loving the way my body moves and feels”.

positive affirmations for health

8. Express yourself. Choose your words to exactly describe to yourself the state you desire. Words like happily, gratefully, excitedly, lovingly, etc. Use words that flow naturally and that ring true for you. Our inner child likes the musicality of rhyme and it is easy to remember and internalize.

“Every day and in every way, I am getting better, better and better.”

“I am living the life of my dreams, riches flow to me in multiple streams.”

positive affirmations for wealth9. Be realistic. What you decide to think, what you decide to constantly affirm, will determine your actions. Your mind needs to know that what you are saying has the potential of coming true. If you don’t believe it when you say it, or it doesn’t resonate with you then you won’t get very far. Stretch out of your comfort zone, but stay in the realm of possibility.

“I am celebrating that I have helped over 1,000 people improve their health this year”.

positive affirmations for health

10. An Attitude of Gratitude Phrase your affirmations in a celebratory tone. What would it feel like if those goals and d reams came true? Write from that place. And remember to count your blessings and be grateful. You might even want to keep a gratitude journal. When you appreciate what you have done, then you will attract more to yourself.

“I am grateful I have vibrant health with no need for prescription medicine”.

positive affirmations for health

How To Implement Affirmations

Affirmations can be done silently, spoken aloud, written down, or even sung or chanted. It is best to say them when you are in a relaxed mental state like when you first wake up or right before you go to bed. You can say them to yourself in the mirror and watch your belief grow.

If you become aware that you are repeating habitual, negative thoughts, say an affirmation to yourself a few times right then and there to negate the old thought pattern.

I have started by creating about 10 affirmations that I am working on. I have printed them out and keep them on my nightstand. If I travel, I take them with me. Each morning and each night I go through the stack of cards, one at a time, read the card, close my eyes, and see the completion of that goal in its perfect desired state for about 15 seconds. I open my eyes and repeat the process with the next card. Then I follow-up with a 10-15 meditation. Not a bad investment of time to positively affect the course of your life, right?

“I am beautiful. I am loved. I am vibrantly alive”.

positive affirmations for healthNow Over to You:

If you’ve read this far, you’ve made my day.  I’d love to know your thoughts. If you’d like to receive some beautiful weight loss affirmation that you can print out for your own use, click here and I will send them to you.


For more information on affirmations and visualization I recommend the following books:

Shakti Gawain Creative Visualization

Jack Canfield Chicken Soup For The Soul

Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within


32 thoughts on “Follow These Steps To Create Powerful Affirmations To Improve Your Health and Life!”

  1. Great post, Audrey! The not only “why” affirmations work, but also the “how to.” And I can attest that using them really helps me to focus on what I want, rather than what now is. A big shift!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      That’s great to hear. Yes using affirmations takes some discipline to create the habit of using them, but they can be life changing. Glad to hear you are incorporating into your life.

  2. I know words and thoughts inform our bodies & mind but I cannot say an affirmation such as ‘Happy with my weight’ cause it feels inauthentic. As I read all your examples they just do not resonate with me. Could an statement such as “Taking action to Improve My Health or My Weight” be an affirmation?

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Roslyn it is important to have the affirmations ring true for you – otherwise your subconscious will reject it. So you don’t need to use my examples, but building on your statement “Everyday I am choosing to improve my health”. Or “I am choosing foods and activities that support weight loss.” My affirmations are a guideline, but you now have the steps to create your own affirmations.

  3. Lori English says:

    So glad to meet you and love the affirmations. I use affirmations a lot with my client’s and feel that they are extremely powerful in helping yourself start a postive day. The affirmations you provided are healthly living and Gratitide in Attitude is one of my personal favorites. Glad to connect.
    Lori English,MSW

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Glad you enjoyed them Lori and good to know you find them to be effective tools for your clients. I have them by my bedside and it is part of my ritual getting in and out of bed.

  4. I have my affirmations posted on my wall near my desk. I have used them since I heard about them in the 80s. It has helped me with confidence and stay positive. Great tips on making affirmations.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      That’s awesome! If you are comfortable, I’d love to hear what affirmations have proven to be especially powerful for you.

  5. Tamuria says:

    I truly believe in the power of our words and thoughts and have used affirmations regularly for years, with happy results. Your explanation and examples are great.

  6. Christy says:

    We should be kinder to ourselves. What a great way to start the day. I use these in business , but should be using these in other areas of my life too.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Yes – it is a great way to start the day. Full of possibilities and potential. Use affirmations for anything you want to create.

  7. Karen Grosz says:

    I love affirmations. You are what you think so affirmations help you become what your are reading and thinking. What a great way to move toward the positive in your health and life. I will be pinning this and will schedule it on my Fan page as well.

  8. Reba Linker says:

    Really terrific, Audrey. I love your definition: “Affirmative statements go beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words used in the present.” I am a firm and long-time believer in positive affirmations (I wrote a book about manifesting – The Little Book of Manifesting Big) and I really appreciate the clarity of your approach.

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      I’m really happy and honored that you enjoyed the post. I did a lot of self work in creating this post and just had to share it.

  9. Great examples and explanations of how to create and use affirmations, Audrey. Words and thoughts are powerful. We may as well stay conscious of the words we choose to use in relation to ourselves and what we want to create in our lives. It’s wonderful to hear how positively they have impacted so many people’s lives too!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Glad you found the explanation informative. It was a good exercise for me to go through to internalize this important way of affected my future.

  10. I love “I am” statements. I’ve been aware of their power for a while now, but I like how Joel Osteen explains it as whatever we follow the “I am” with, we are opening the door and giving it permission to be in our life.

    So if I say that I am overweight, calories will come looking for me :0

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      I really should become more familiar with Joel Osteen – and he’s absolutely right. Let’s open the doors to magnificence in our lives!

  11. I’ve had to shift my thinking. I grew up in a family with a self-depricating sense of humor. It took a bit of doing to move from that way of thought to my current one. So much happier though. It still comes out periodically, but I try to curb it.

  12. Good stuff Audrey and they do say that it is important to speak positively.. while I don’t necessarily believe that it changes tons.. it sure is better than thinking and speaking negatively about yourself and life.

  13. Teresa Salhi says:

    I love this Audrey and can appreciate the time you put into serving up this goodness with the why’s and how’s and results. I AM an I AM believer! Watching the film – The Moses Code and reading Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer where they speak of I AM is the meaning of God and God would never say anything negative toward self – all made a believer out of me. I play a little game with myself before I go to sleep and repeat 5 – 10 I AMs to myself to secure in my sub-conscious before I go to sleep so it can get to work on the inner programming. Great stuff!

    • Audrey Weidman says:

      Teresa thanks so much for your kind words. I love the further suggestions for further delving into the importance of I AM. And it’s pretty cool that you end your day with I AM statements. Positive thoughts lead to positive things.

  14. Loved this post Audrey! Starting with I AM is so powerful : Thanks for these awesome examples to start with :

  15. An interesting article, had not thought of this really before. Thanks 🙂

  16. Super post. I love affirmations and use them all the time. What so many people do is put off their goal into the future: “I will…” That’s like saying “Free beer tomorrow” — it just never comes. Say it as if you already had it. Will be sharing this one.

  17. Joyce Hansen says:

    Great post Audrey. Affirmations are so important for the brain. Sending positive messages helps the brain to recognize and focus on things positive rather than dwelling on the negatives.

  18. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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