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Dear Mind, Please Stop Thinking So Much At Night… I Need To Sleep

August 30th, 2017 by Audrey Weidman

sleep tips

I Love Sleep

I was going to write about the importance sleep and how good it is for your health.  I had listened to a great webinar featuring Dr Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor.   I will still share some really interesting tips he provided.

But I’m going to share my crazy morning after getting a bad night’s sleep.

I’m not perfect.  Most of the time, I do sleep well.  But I’m going through some challenges with another business and my busy mind wouldn’t stop.

Here is the consequence of what bad sleep did for me.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to drive this morning.

I had to go to where my doctors are in downtown Chicago for some blood work.  I’m really lucky to be a patient of this integrative practice affiliated with Northwestern.  Just as an fyi, integrative means traditional MD’s work alongside the nutritionist, naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapist, acupuncturists.  They talk to each other taking the best from both worlds.    If you want to know more, please email me and I will get you the details.

Getting back to the blood work.  It’s called the Boston Heart Test.  It’s a special kind of blood work that breaks out all the cholesterol types and inflammation markers.  It also breaks out what is genetic and what is due to diet and lifestyle.  You can’t get it just anywhere.  So I trek on down to the doctor’s office to get it done – all 6 vials.  If you have heart disease, I highly recommend you ask your physician about this.


My Day Began…sleep tips

I woke up kind of groggy and only could drink water because it is a fasting blood draw scheduled for 8:30 am. I needed to make the 7:30 train and I was running late.

I ran up the stairs of the train platform, see the open train door, hop in right before the door closes and it takes off…

…in the WRONG direction.

I explain this to a really nice conductor who said I just might be able to hop on the inbound train at the next stop.  He phoned ahead and alerted them I was coming.

The train stops.  The other conductor is holding the door open for me as I dash across the platform to get into the right train and I make it.  Whew!  Sooo grateful!

I was rattled, a little worse for wear, still amazed I made it – but no big deal.

When I get to the doctor’s office my bloodwork is delayed and then…

I get the new guy.

Oh NO…

I have tiny veins.  They need to use a butterfly syringe to draw blood.  I can’t donate blood because of how small my veins are.  And I’ve had my share of mishaps that kind of traumatized me with the whole blood draw thing.

Well as the new guy pokes me, he hits a nerve in my left arm.  A sharp searing pain radiated all the way down to my wrist.  I told him to stop or I’d pass out.

Laying me down in the room next door, he successfully drew blood from my right arm.  His advice to me…  don’t let anyone draw blood from the left arm.  My arteries are too deep.  What?  My advice to you…

Don’t let the new guy get near you.

Why did I get the new guy?  I think it was my crazy, frazzled energy.

Changing My Vibe

Afterwards I needed to sit down and have some breakfast.  I settle on tea and some eggs realizing I wasn’t going to make the train back on time and would have an hour delay.  So I walked back to the train and enjoyed the Chicago Bean, the Crowne fountain (the one with the faces that spit out water) and shook off that bad vibe that started with the bad sleep.

Ah – the sleep.  You probably forgot about that.

What did I learn?  How you start your day really depends on how well you sleep.  How well you sleep depends upon the thoughts that you think.  I also learned that kindness comes from unexpected places – thank you Metra conductors!

Sleep Tips From The Doc

So getting back to the sleep tips from Dr. Breus.

Tip #1:  Keep a gratitude journal and write down positive things before bed.  Really feel those wonderful things that makes your life a joy. Positive thoughts, lead to positive dreams, lead to a positive state when you wake up. Click To Tweet

Tip #2:  Eat breakfast like a King, eat lunch like a Prince, eat dinner like a Pauper.    Big meals with lots of protein are best for breakfast.  It takes a while for protein to digest and leaves you feeling full longer.  Eat a light meal with some carbohydrates at dinner.  Carbs make you sleepy – just don’t eat too many of them.

Tip #3:  Skip the alcohol before bed.  Allow one glass of water for every alcoholic drink and stop at least 2 hours before bed.  Alcohol does make you sleepy, BUT you aren’t getting the quality sleep you need.

Tip #4:  Get your vitamins, especially Vitamin D, vitamin B’s, and Magnesium.  Magnesium helps to relax your muscles and vitamins D and B are precursors to sleep hormones.   Consider taking melatonin.  It’s a natural sleep regulator that should be taken 90 min before bed.  Let me know if you’d like to chat about what’s best for you …  no pressure, no obligation.  Just click on the link and we can set up a time.

Skip the sleep aids such as Tylenol PM or Benadryl – you will be sleepy but not get the right kind of sleep.  Prescription sleep medication needs to be used sparingly under close doctor supervision (remember Michael Jackson???).

Want some more sleep tips?  Click here and I have 19 Ways to Get Better Sleep just for you!  And enjoy this great classic song.  That was me… last night.








6 thoughts on “Dear Mind, Please Stop Thinking So Much At Night… I Need To Sleep”

  1. Anne Beville says:

    loved it and the tips

  2. Ingrid Kunze says:

    So funny (although not at the time, I’m sure).It doesn’t pay to try to get more things done and go to bed late or don’t sleep well, because I lose the entire next day and usually end up with a headache. I will try those tips. Thanks.

  3. Madhoolica Dear says:

    You are so funny! Loved the blog, loved the way you wrote and the TIPS!! I know about sleep, becuase I do not get it and after a year of this unhealthy life style,mybody and I am changing!!

    Sleepis most important, and I do not know how to fix my life style, because of my work!!

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