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  • Boost Your Metabolism With These Seven Tips

    December 28th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

    Boost Your Metabolism With These Seven Tips

    It is safe to say that after the holidays we may not be feeling our physical best.  We may have overdone it with the sweets, rich foods, and alcohol.  As a result our pants are tighter than they ought to be, our muffin top is [...] Read More

  • why you can't lose weight

    Do you just LOVE sweets? What about bread? Pasta anyone? I myself have to admit, I never met a salty snack I didn’t like. Even though bread, pasta and chips aren’t sweet – they are simple carbs that are readily converted into sugar once inside [...] Read More


    Last week I had the honor and privilege of traveling to Vancouver with my 83 year old mom.  It has been a dream of hers to see this marvelous part of the world.  She knows she’s getting older and wanted to visit while she is [...] Read More

  • nutrition and hypnosis Why do so many people fail at diets? One reason is that processed foods are filled with ingredients that are highly addictive and cause you to gain weight. Another reason is that we don’t believe it is possible for us to keep off the weight and be happy.

    If [...] Read More

  • Why I Do What I Do…

    March 21st, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

    Happy Birthday To US Making A Difference

    What gets you out of bed in the morning?  For me, I like to feel like I have made a difference.  And this past weekend I know for a fact that I have.  And in a significant way!

    On Saturday I got this text from [...] Read More

  • I Really Am My Father’s Daughter…

    March 11th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

    Take Care Of Yourself

    But I’m happy to say I am better than him on one thing at least!  I reduced my cholesterol and triglycerides naturally.

    Yesterday was a really good day 🙂

    I got my blood results back and found out that I did it!  I reduced my cholesterol and [...] Read More

  • Bye, Bye Belly Fat!

    February 26th, 2016 by Audrey Weidman

    USANA Reset Weight Loss System

    My heart sings when I make a difference in people’s health.  I recently had a chance to catch up with Terry Coffman and learned that he had lost 15 pounds in 14 days using the USANA Reset Weight Loss System!  And the best [...] Read More

  • Give The Perfect Gift This Season

    December 18th, 2015 by Audrey Weidman

    Skip The Stuff

    ‘Tis the season for love, happiness and celebration — and also for finding that perfect gift for the ones you love. Instead of stuff, how about giving the gift of health?  So much of the stuff we give may not really be [...] Read More

  • My Amazing #WeightLoss Story with USANA Reset

    December 8th, 2015 by Audrey Weidman

    I was searching for a line of quality nutritionals and discovered that USANA had the highest quality rating of vitamins and supplements currently available.  I decided to try them.  I wasn’t really looking for a weight loss product, but I decided to try USANA Reset anyway since I [...] Read More