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Audrey is an example of strength and resilience, dedicated to guiding individuals through the intricate journey of mental recovery after a heart attack.  As a survivor of not one but two heart attacks, Audrey’s story is a testament to the profound impact of mindset on one’s health.

Her first heart attack came as a consequence of negative self-talk and the weight of unattainable expectations.  This occurred despite having very healthy eating and exercise habits.  Determined to regain control over her mindset, Audrey immersed herself in stress mastery. She earned certifications as a Stress Mastery Educator with the American Institute of Stress, a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach, and a Positive Intelligence coach.

The second heart attack, triggered by external forces beyond her control, shook Audrey’s conviction. Wrestling with the notion of “failure” and feeling like an imposter, Audrey contemplated abandoning her stress transformation coaching.  But she also knew that in every circumstance there are gifts and opportunities.  

Her cardiology specialist remarked that Audrey had won the lottery with both heart attacks.  That she had sustained very little damage to her heart.  Audrey took this rare stroke of luck as a sign that she should continue her mission (at a pace that made sense for her).  

Audrey now channels her personal experiences into transformative coaching, seamlessly blending neuroscience, positive psychology, and belief discovery that is tailored to her client’s unique needs.  She intimately understands the emotional rollercoaster that heart attack survivors experience and skillfully leads them toward a place of balance, positivity, and confidence.

When Audrey isn’t powerfully serving her coaching clients, she finds joy in spending time with her family, being in nature and traveling.  She also enjoys creating culinary adventures in her kitchen and nurturing her garden, and playing with her dog Mickey. 

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What Clients Are Saying

“Wow!  Working with Audrey was such a unique and amazing experience.  She provides a safe space to explore what’s holding you back and the root cause of it.  Her methods allowed me to get really creative and have some fun while overcoming obstacles.  I would recommend talking with Audrey to find out how she can help you move forward.”

Theresa S. Montgomery, IL

I have nothing but praise for Audrey as she  helps me reframe childhood abuse. Not only is Audrey patient and compassionate, but she is also a gifted coach with intuitive insight.  Speaking as a coach with 25 years of experience, I would recommend connecting with Audrey so you can exchange your negatives into positive experiences.

Audrey V British Columbia, Canada