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About Audrey

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My mission is to show women who’ve had heart attacks the path of holistic recovery.  I do this by helping them to become aware of :

  • their stress load
  • their self talk
  • their habits around food, exercise, and sleep

I am passionate about because I am a HEART ATTACK SURVIVOR.

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death among women in the western world. In fact 40% of all deaths among women are due to heart disease.   More women die of heart attacks than men.  More women die of heart disease than all other cancers combined.   And it is largely preventable.

I encourage and mentor women who are heart attack survivors or those women who know they are at risk to CONFIDENTLY TRANSFORM their  wellness goals into an ongoing sustainable lifestyle.   I walk the talk and invite you to come along with me.

I have a PASSION for life and love ADVENTURE.  I’ve been married to the same wonderful guy since 1989 and we are blessed with two amazing daughters who are taking the world by storm.

I have an online business, work from home and am a personal development junkie, outdoor adventurer, foodie, transcendental meditator and health and stress coach.  I believe that TRUE HEALTH comes from within – what we put inside our bodies and the predominant thoughts that we think.

This blog is dedicated to assisting and educating you about holistic health so that you can design your own life with inspiration, passion, and purpose.

I challenge you to live at a higher vibration and wondrous things will happen! Visit me on Facebook for ongoing information.