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Are You In? Try a 7 Day Healthy Living Challenge

December 21st, 2017 by Audrey Weidman

7 day healthy living challenge

In case you didn’t know – I’m passionate about health and wellness.  Why?  Because I nearly lost it.

Just over a year ago I had a HEART ATTACK.  I never thought that would be me – or did I?  My dad died of a heart attack when I was only 20.  My mom’s brother died of a heart attack, both grandfathers died of heart attacks and it even goes back to my great grandfathers.

I’m wondering if subconsciously I thought that was my destiny?  But it turns out I had a different kind of a heart attack than they did.  I will tell you more about that another time…

Never Again

But I’m telling you – right here, right now – this will NEVER happen to me again.  I’m doing EVERYTHING I can to avoid this and I’m sharing what I’m doing along the way to help you!

One of the key things that empowers me is nutrition – eating right and taking supplements to fill in the gaps where my food is lacking.  While I take great care with what I eat, I know that it’s really difficult to get optimal levels of nutrition – even with consuming a variety of foods and eating as clean as I do.

Our soils are depleted and the nutrient density in fruits and vegetables is lower than it used to be when we were kids and each and every year the soil continues to be depleted.   That is why vitamins are “supplemental” to good nutrition.

In fact, they were “prescribed” to me by my doctor who is affiliated with Northwestern Hospital in Chicago.

Results I Achieved

Here’s what has happened to me since I started supplementing and adopting a healthier lifestyle:

  • I haven’t gotten the flu or a cold in the past 2 years – before I always caught what was going around
  • I have more energy than I used to.
  • I lowered my total cholesterol by 40 points and my triglycerides by 38 points
  • I lost 12 pounds and have kept it off.
  • I increased my bone density by 7%.

These are measureable results – bloodwork and bone scans don’t lie.

I’m happy with the progress I’m making with my health.  I keep getting better and better.  I’d like for you to have the same peace of mind.

Are You In?

At the beginning of each month starting January 1, I am offering a FREE 7 day healthy living challenge group! In the group, I will share healthy and inexpensive recipes, go over key habits you need to adopt, easy exercise options as well as stress management techniques to keep you on your game.  Are you in?  I’d love to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

I believe you are worth it.  Do you?  Let me know if you’d like to join the 7 day healthy living challenge emailing me right here at or ask to join the group directly on Facebook.  It’s my way of giving back.  I look forward to connecting with you,





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